Wednesday, July 7, 2010

In Love with Books

I won't be free to call it quits
until all the books are read,
until every word I've ever heard
is tucked neatly in my head.
Stacks of books, on top of books
line my library wall
some I've read more than once,
others not at all.
I've read the Irish poets,
some golf philosophy,
am overwhelmed by the beauty of words,
at times unexpectedly.
How to Zen and Yoga too,
have graced my room as well
as Walden Pond and Richard Bach-
stories only they can tell.
As a collector of books, I've managed quite well
to acquire quite a few friends,
like Emerson, Twain, Oscar Wilde and Blake
the list never ends. Barbara Botch
Tell me what you like to read. I would love to know what you have on your bookshelf.

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