Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The House With a Stream

This morning I woke after having a dream,
remembering only a house with a stream.
Small and beautiful, the door a delight,
the entrance engulfed me, the sun was so bright.
There were pictures of mom and dad and the kids,
the kitchen was stocked, each bowl had a lid.
Flowers and plants
and books filled the room,
six chairs and a table,
the time was just noon.
I walked outside could this be what it seems?
and that is when I spotted the stream.
The water looked cool and flowed with such ease,
squatting to touch it I
fell to my knees.
Oh how familiar all of this felt,
while tears filled my eyes
there as I knelt.
I'll always wonder
just what this dream means
until I find the house with the stream.

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