Monday, August 31, 2009


I am a woman of many faiths. I am a citizen of the world. I have my own inner flame and yet, I will be glad to share yours. I know you have something I can learn.

I’ve prayed to God and have had many conversations with Buddha. I’ve traveled, toured, met people and made friends from Dublin to Bangkok.

I’ve known folks who say things and I would wonder why, only to find it was me who did not understand. I’ve stayed the same over the years and yet, am nothing like I was 20 years ago.

I enjoy many types of music; I’ve gotten high singing worship and never tire of helping Jimmy Buffett find his lost shaker of salt.

I’ve sung the praises of golf with the best of them. I’ve had times of great weakness and then shown strength that not even I recognized.

I am a woman of all ages, I am young enough to run and old enough to fear the loneliness I see in family and friends at the nursing home. I read good books and listen to great speakers and have cried with dad as he loses his eyesight and hearing.

Call it midlife, the change of life, maybe enlightenment; I’ve known great joy and tremendous sorrow. I lost a niece who was only 22 years old and must be content with an autopsy that has no answer.

I’ve raised two boys and the only regrets are that I didn’t hold them longer, tighter. Their faces could still use a lot more wet, mushy kisses- or maybe mine could.

Good kids, happy kids but grown up now and on a journey of their own, choosing their way, rising to their own levels of awareness.

There are no regrets in life, only new days – new ways and hopefully a love that grows stronger for the purpose we are here to accomplish.
Barbara Botch
From Poet's Crossing

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Julie and Julia
I just came home from seeing the most wonderful movie. I cried from beginning to end. What a joyful, uplifting beautiful portrayal of two women, their lives and the people they loved.
I loved Paris, the food, the wine, the Brie.
Oh! The Valentine’s party,
Julia’s sister.
Ahh..when they danced.
It's a movie for everyone, especially writers, bloggers, cooks, everyone! I couldn’t wait to get to my computer.
So many great lines.
“Do you have any power?”
“Never apologize, no excuses.”
The egg, the pearls.
Hope you'll go see it!
Until next time. a very passionate
Bon Appetit!