Monday, March 28, 2011

Prayer, Zumba and the Meaning of Life

The other day I was taken by surprise when a friend asked me if I prayed; she wondered if I got down on my knees at night like we did when we were little girls. I have to say as surprising as her question was, it was nice to think about that again. I do remember getting down on my knees as a youngster. Even into my teens I would kneel next to my bed, close my eyes and say my prayers. I told her that actually, I find myself praying when I’m in the car driving by myself or sometimes when I’m out for a good power walk. I guess I pray pretty much through out the whole day, I told her. As a matter of fact, her question reminded me of that very morning while in Zumba class. I looked in the mirror at one point and was quite surprised at how well I was moving to the music. I realized how good I felt. I looked healthy. The whole experience was very energizing and I silently said to God, Thank you for this body you gave me, it’s gotten older but it still takes me where I need to go, I liked the haircut and color I had just gotten the day before and when I stopped to catch my breath, I thanked Him for the cold water I remembered to bring. Why shouldn’t we say our prayers or put our intentions out there to God and the Universe when we’re walking or dancing, exercising or playing tennis. I don’t think He minds a bit, maybe even appreciates a shimmy or the twist, or puckering our lips with an attitude to the music. I wouldn’t be surprised if He actually prefers it to the memorized words we prayed as children. I think a lot of folks are looking at their lives now more than ever, that’s why sometimes questions like that come up. I think women and men alike are thinking about what they’re doing; who they’ve become and just basically where they fit in with the big picture of life. I welcome conversation like this. So in closing I devote today’s message to the Man who gave me everything, who takes care of all the details and keeps me going in the right direction. Actually every moment deserves a prayer.