Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Simplicity is the new rich

As time goes by, I believe the less we have, the more time and energy we have for the important things in life; like spending time writing, playing in the water with our grandkids, reading and enjoying the recent cool nights listening to The Bridge- channel 33 on Sirius/XM Radio with your first and foremost favorite person in the world. I do believe that there really is only one simple truth to life and that is You! What is your truth?


  1. I agree!! As life progresses, I continue to discover that it's the small and meaningful things that continue to be what's most important. Don't forget about the journey in your search for your destination.

  2. Congratulations, Barbara, on your first blog post. May you enjoy the blogsphere as much as I do--it's an awesome place! Love the green!

  3. What a great site and blog! As my life moves forward, it is the simple things of great friends, creative work I produce that brings me joy!
    See my now adult children takes steps in their own journey of life.
    Wonderful place to be