Saturday, June 5, 2010

Drumming Circle

Oh, the poetry that comes from prayer. Ah! The prayer that comes from drumming.

Tonight I joined eight others for a drumming circle, brought together by The Women’s Center at our beautiful St. Rose Hospital here in Henderson. We all gathered at a lovely park in the Green Valley area; under a tree, blankets spread across the grass and drums for anyone who did not have their own.
It was my first time.
We closed our eyes and visualized a lake, a forest, maybe a waterfall.
It was warm tonight, not a breeze in the air, but the birds; isn’t it interesting how they know, even without a nudge or a reminder to take the time to just stop and listen, and join in I might add, which was such a compliment to the sound of our drumming.
Each person took a turn starting a new beat and the others would follow. With each beat lasting 10 – 15 minutes, I couldn’t help but think, how blessed am I, to have this one hour, these few minutes to sit under a tree drumming a sound, in total relaxation, in complete kinship with our creator?
Gratitude is what I embraced as my mind seemed to free fall into the arms of something bigger than myself, each vibration creating a rhythm I could put my name on; a cadence all my own.
Although this was my first time, it will not be my last. I now look forward to having my own drum and once again enjoying the ambiance and community of such inspired women.

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